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About Us

Christ the King Catholic School provides a quality Catholic education supported by the family, the teacher, the parish, and the community and makes a commitment to meet the specific needs of the academic, physical, social, and spiritual development of each student in a Christ-centered environment.


Mission & Philosophy

Our Mission

Christ the King Catholic School is committed to supporting the development of the whole child while providing the highest quality Christ-centered education.


Our Philosophy

Christ the King Catholic School, as part of the Catholic Schools of the Diocese of Little Rock, seeks to offer high-quality academic programs which are integrated with religious truth and values. Students are prepared for life in today’s Church and Society and for leadership in society and the Church of tomorrow through a strong, basic, and contemporary curriculum which includes instruction and formation in the beliefs, values, and traditions of Catholic Christianity. The development of the whole person of the student: spiritually, intellectually, personally, socially, and physically, is the focus of Catholic education. The teachers, as partners with the parents, play a significant role in this educational ministry as they daily witness to the meaning of mature faith and Christian living. They are selected with care and are challenged to on-going professional and spiritual growth.


Christ the King Catholic School is a part of the Diocese of Little Rock. The bishop is the chief teacher and is responsible for the policies and practices of all Catholic schools within the diocese.

The pastor of Christ the King Catholic School, Father Brian Cundall, is the head of the parish and as such is the person who enacts all school policy. The pastor, as spiritual leader of the parish, will share his vision of religious education with the principal and the faculty of the school. The pastor supports and cooperates with the principal in the general administration of the school.

The principal, Mrs. Myndi Keyton, is charged with the main task of keeping the school Catholic according to diocesan guidelines.  The principal is the educational leader of the school and as such determines the needed staff and hires the same after appropriate consultation. The principal is the director of the curriculum and makes the class assignments according to the qualifications of the teacher and the needs of the school. The principal administers and is accountable for the receipts and disbursements of all internal funds such as books, fees, supplies, etc. Administrative decisions are the responsibility of the principal.

The Preschool Director, Patty Merrell, oversees the preschool program and ensures all DHS rules and regulations are being followed for preschool and after-school care.  The director handles all preschool discipline issues with the assistance of parents and according to DHS guidelines.  The director reports to the principal. The director, with the assistance of the principal, hires and manages all preschool staff.


The After School Care Director, Erin Lowrey, oversees the after-school care program. The director handles all after-school care discipline and reports to the principal. The director hires and manages all after-school care staff with the assistance of the principal. 


Christ the King Catholic School is accredited by the Arkansas Nonpublic School Accrediting Association. By meeting the standards of this association, Christ the King Catholic School pledges itself to provide its students with the best possible learning environment. The Arkansas Nonpublic School Accrediting Association has been established to assure parents of a quality return for their investment.  A school that is accredited has the personnel, equipment, resources, and the general capability of providing those services that are needed for the education of their children. 

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Rev. Brian Cundall



Myndi Keyton



Patti Merrell

Preschool Director

School Facts

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